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Products - Quirky Sun-Catching Stars, Triptychs, and Rain chains

Large stars - Each star has it's own quirk factor. No two are alike. Each star varies in color, shape, number of pieces, and size (about 10-14 inches across). We use the stars inside and outside. The patina on the outside stars oxidizes leaving a softer sheen on the soldered edges.

Red Amber star

Green star

Blue star

Baby stars - You can hang them or use them as table ornaments. This year, in honor of Hannukah, we made a hannukiah using nine stars with mason jars. Each star varies in color, shape, number of pieces, and size (about 4-7 inches across).

Small green star

Three small stars


We also offer workshops to make your own quirky stars.

Triptychs - These three-panel-candle screens will captivate you with their dancing light. Whenever we are in the living room, the first thing I do, assuming it is remotely dark out, is light the candles. We have a wood-burning fireplace, which we love, but the triptychs are equally, if not more enticing. I can't stop looking at them and hope you feel the same way.


Rain chains - On one of the few rainy mornings at the Treehouse, I had the opportunity to appreciate the water drip down our copper rain chains. I love the erratic glistening. I started to think about creating a stained glass "rain chain". That day I got up and started playing in the studio. By the next day I had made and hung three. I love how the light and chains plays with the glass. Melissa wants some in the garden, of course, what Melissa wants, Melissa gets. I am working on more. Each rain chain comes in a variety of colors, and three sizes, 15", 21", and 33".

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