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Workshops - Stained Glass Color Chains and Quirky Stars

Design and Art Workshops - If you are interested in a small group workshop, please e-mail Melissa at

Color Chain

Create a hanging color chain out of stained glass and lead. Select from a wide variety of colors and textures of glass. Each color chain is up to 23" long and we provide supplies for hanging.
You have the option of creating a chain representing the seven chakras. See chakra-color-meanings.

The workshop format includes:

Number of People
Individual Sessions

Make a "Quirky" Stained Glass Star
Create a hanging-sun-catcher out of stained glass and copper foil.

The workshop format includes:

Beth and Jake - Stained Glass Beth - Stained Glass Jake with star

We work with individuals or in groups up to five people at $50 per person plus $15 for materials including glass, copper foil, and soldering, plus sales tax. The workshop lasts three hours, and includes light snacks.

Additional one-hour individual sessions at $50/hour.

Number of People

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