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The Granada Treehouse Studio has been evolving since c. 1990. It started with curiosity and helping a colleague; it developed into respect for each other's skills, work ethic, and joy of teaching; it continued to grow into a relationship through working closely and building programs; it has solidified with the knowledge that we share deeply rooted values; it thrives as we endeavor to make the world a little better place to live for ourselves and others. We are about to go through, yet, another transformation...more will be revealed...

Melissa McKinstry and Doug Kipperman

To read some of Melissa's love for words go to: Melissa's Portfolio | Granada Kitchen Dance Blog | Poet Tree

To see more of Doug's art work go to: Beginning Sketchbook | Collaborations | Crayon Drawings | Experiment | Partial Design Portfolio | Sketchbook | Stained Glass

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