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After the presidential election in November 2016, and the fear and hate mongering that had been weighing heavy on her heart, Melissa decided to defend hope and community by creating a little Poet Tree on our front corner. At the time our fig tree’s bare branches leafed with poems of joy, compassion, love, and life. During the summer the fig tree unfurled its famous leaves fully, and we re-configured the poems as a garland. The tree has been filled with poems ever since.

As poet Natasha Trethewey said in her introduction to Best American Poetry 2017, "We need the truth of poetry, and its beauty, now more than ever."

We hope that reading these poems helps us foster truth, beauty, and human connection.

If you're in the area, please stop by to photograph or "U-Pick" poem for your pocket, your frig, or a friend.
You may also want to visit our blog, GranadaKitchenDance@WordPress.

Some Favorite Online Sources for the Poet Tree:

Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets,

Poem of the Day at

The Slowdown

Poetry Daily

Poetry Unbound, at On

Some Favorite Book Sources for the Poet Tree:

The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy, edited by John Brehm

collections edited by James Crews: How to Love the World: Poems of Gratitude and Hope, Healing the Divide: Poems of Kindness and Connection, The Path to Kindness: Poems of Connection and Joy

collections edited and curated by Roger Housden: Ten Poems to Set You Free, Ten Poems to Change Your Life, Risking Everything

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