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My Pal Pete

Many years ago...1983, I created a character, "My Pal Pete", based on my dog and best friend. I had to leave Pete in California while I freelanced in New York City for the now defunct CBS Toys along with several other clients including Colorforms. After two years, Pete and I reunited.

My Pal Pete has resurfaced throughout the years. He has shown up on bags, cards, t-shirts, and assortment of other materials.

The Adventures of My Pal Pete started as a project for a Spanish class around 1999.

On 8 January 2005, Sarah Rose inspired me once again. On a trip to Costco, she saw a Pete card I was going to give my students and said, "why not have him hold a peace symbol?". Melissa and I took the idea and played...from the mouths of babes.

Peace for Pete's Sake

The most recent incarnations:

Pete's Morning, A Counting Book

Pete at the Farmers' Market an ABC Book. Enjoy.

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