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The simplest of shapes, but put them together and you have almost everything seen and unseen. This collection of images started, as has happened so many times, with my favorite muses, Sarah Rose and Gus. They transitioned from living in NYC to Denver at our home for about three months. They lived in the studio, so I found a new "studio" space in the living room. Sarah started me off by suggesting I do a daily drawing. Melissa uses the process as part of her writing practice. During that time I had just started using a coffee cup with an Aboriginal design from the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia. The exhibition left a strong imprint.

On one of Gus' morning check-ins, he looked at the cup and said, "Well,...?" That started my curious take on using dots and shapes to create vibrant, organic, images.

Just prior to the dot revolution, Sarah and Gus moving to Denver gave me reason to think about Clyfford Still, his museum in Denver, my misinterpretation of his motivation for leaving the art world to create, and, somehow, Aboriginal art met abstract expressionism.

Two other factors in the evolution of these ideas, rhythm and pattern. I became obsessed, well, very interested in the notion that almost everything has a basic pattern. No matter how chaotic. Patterns appear in our daily routines. How we make minor and major decisions, how we treat people, what we say, and pretty much everything else we do while we're alive and even after we're dead. Patterns, how do we learn from them? Can we change them? On and on. Lots of questions. Creating patterns can be a challenge, but with some of the ideas on the rhythm and pattern page, the mystery feels less opaque. From these ideas I created my own set of rules about placement and interaction. Some work better than others. Most require layers of implementation. Regardless, I had fun and produced some work I feel happy about.

The images below evolved and devolved as the turns directed, most recent at the top. I don't know, but it's possible this could continue, or not...?

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