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College Application Portfolio Workshop

This is an exciting time. To avoid it becoming an unduly stressful time, participate in some consistent, thoughtful work on your College Application Portfolio during the summer.

Here’s to a new adventure!

2017 - College Application Portfolio Summer Workshops

Each session is a week-long, 15-hour workshop with a maximum 5:1 student-teacher ratio.

Workshop 1: June 19-23 - CLOSED
Workshop 2: June 26-30 - CLOSED
Workshop 3: August 14-18 -- CLOSED

Meeting Times
12:30 to 3:30, Monday through Friday


Workshop payments

Workshop Details

Bring transcript, laptop, Google Drive account; we’ll supply snacks, wi-fi, binder, handouts, and instruction on the topics below. You’ll need to spend 2 or more hours at home each workshop day continuing to write, research, and revise in order to complete these items.*


Organizing Google Drive Folder and Documents for College Application Portfolio

Writing the Reflective College Admissions Essay

Writing Activities, Descriptors, and Resumes

Creating the Teacher Recommendation Request Packets

Articulating College Choice Rationales

Considering Financial Aid Resources with a Brief Introduction

Individual Sessions: If you are interested in individual writing sessions with Melissa contact her at
Individual Sessions

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