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As with most of the Treehouse projects, Melissa and I find an area that screams, or quietly, patiently asks for attention. We live with it – walking around and looking from multiple vantage points, sitting and feeling the space, listening to the possibilities, checking how each of us feels about the whys, hows, and whens, and then we make it happen, unless we don't.

The banners evolved from a series of color studies, all using one foundational image created in Adobe Illustrator*. By using different color schemes and sizes, scales**, I could play with the needs of a specific space. See Haiku Colors for another series.

*A later variation of an 1988 computer drawing program, Freehand, which I started learning shortly after it's release.

**My take away while working for CBS Toys on the Sanrio, Hello Kitty license: Focus on purposeful deep dives into what's possible, don't reinvent the wheel; unless the wheel is broken, in which case repair it or move on.

The following banners started appearing in June, 2021, with special thanks to the amazing work of Ego id Media, who produced each banner. 

Joy Under the Ceder - 3' x 3'

Front Gate to Paradise - 2' x 4'

Studio Up Front - 2' x 4'

Studio on the Side - 2' x 4'

Door to the Implements of Creation - 2.6' x 5'

Homage to Doug's Brother's Sox,
Richad M Kipperman (Feb 7, 1944 - Mar 29, 2022)
3' x 16'

North Side East - 7' x 5'

North Side South - 4' x 6'

North Side West - 3' x 5'

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